Trainer Certification


Join the ranks of our global trainers by certifying leaders within your organization and model best-practice innovation skills by leading through example.

Our training is highly engaging and instructive, delivered by industry experts on the topics of innovation and creativity. Through the certification process, you’ll discover how the skills and principles taught in our training courses help participants improve their ability to generate, develop, and execute on high-growth ideas.

In addition, all Innovator’s DNA trainers are part of a community with access to robust resources and personalized support.

The easiest and most cost-effective way to implement an Innovator’s DNA training course is to get certified as an on-site client facilitator via our “Train the Trainer” process. The train-the-trainer process also allows organizations to optimize and customize training to meet their specific needs – whether you’re training an in-tact team or your entire workforce.

As a part of the iDNA Trainer Certification process, you will receive the following:

  • Training in a two day Innovator’s DNA workshop, followed by an additional training to be a coach and certified trainer
  • A personal iDNA Self or 360 assessment
  • Exclusive access to all of Innovator’s DNA training materials including published content, videos, instructor guides, assessments, and software tools.
  • Preferred pricing on all iDNA products including iDNA Self & 360 Assessments

Here are the details for our upcoming Trainer Certification Sessions:

  • Dates & Locations: We are currently planning our 2017 workshops and trainer certification sessions. For more information contact
  • Workshop + Trainer Agenda (see the attached for more details): 
    • Innovator’s DNA Workshop, 2-days: The first two days cover the full breadth of The Innovator’s DNA framework: People (Five Discovery Skills), Processes (The Innovator’s Method), and Philosophies (Building a Culture of Innovation).
    • Trainer Certification, 1-day: The final day will be reserved for trainer certification–providing an in-depth look at each section of content, equipping each trainer to coach and train the material on their own.
  • Participation Fees & Pricing: Here is the pricing breakdown and fees associated with a session:
    • 2-day Workshop: $1,295 USD, the two full days of training comes with the Innovator’s DNA Participant Packet (hardcover and audio copies of the Innovator’s Method book, iDNA Self Assessment, participant workbook, field manual, and other supplementary learning materials).
    • Trainer Certification: $2,495 USD, the one additional day of in-person trainer certification comes with an Innovator’s DNA trainer license, access to the Innovator’s DNA exclusive trainer community and online resources, Innovator’s DNA Trainer Packet (trainer workbook, training presentations and tools, and other supplementary training tools.)
    • Total Package: $3,790 USD
  • Next Steps: If you’re interested in joining one of these training sessions–let us know as soon as possible so we can secure a spot for you. Reservations are made on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please email the following information: a) which session you’ll be attending, b) how many participants will be joining us, and c) brief context behind your interest in the training session.

To learn more about Certification benefits, details, and training opportunities contact us at