Based on years of academic research, The Innovator’s DNA identifies five discovery skills–Associating, Questioning, Observing, Networking, and Experimenting–that distinguish the world’s best innovators—from leaders at Amazon and Apple to those at Google, Skype, and Virgin Group.

Designed to empower leaders like you to realize your own innovative potential, the Innovator’s DNA Self & 360 Assessments examine vital innovation and execution skills that leaders need to succeed.  These surveys will help you confirm your current areas of strength and identify potential areas of improvement.  Learn what top innovative leaders like Steve Jobs, Pierre Omidyar and Jeff Bezos already know about actively fostering one’s own creative intelligence.

The Innovator’s DNA Self & 360 Assessments illuminate essential discovery and delivery skills you can put to use as you cultivate you own Innovators’s DNA.  Often described as the “Myers-Briggs assessment for innovation”, these tools provides individuals with a personalized Innovation Profile, detailed scores for their Courage to Innovate, Discovery Skills, and Delivery Skills.

The Self & 360 Assessments contain specific, customized takeaways based on each individual’s profile, along with recommended development opportunities so participants can continue developing their innovation skills based on the results of their assessments.

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